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Video Instructions:

1. Different length of videos can freely be selected and combined into 1-CPD-hour/ 2-CPD-hour course. 

2. It costs HK$50 for every 1 CPD hour. No CPD certificate will be granted for less than 1 CPD hour.

3. It costs and counts as 1 CPD hour only if videos excess 1 hour but less than 2 hours.

4.The maximun selection of videos is 8 per time.



Select Videos

# Title Video Url Video Length (Minutes)
ADF X ACA 教你報稅系列─利得稅上 15
ADF X ACA 教你報稅系列─利得稅下 15
ACA x ADF 教你報稅系列─薪俸稅(一) 15
ACA x ADF 教你報稅系列─薪俸稅(二) 15
ACA x ADF 教你報稅系列─薪俸稅(三) 15
ACA x ADF 教你報稅系列─物業稅 15
Total duration must be at least 60 minutes.
You can only select maximum 8 videos
For ADF Friends only!

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