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【Special Offer on AML Solutions】SentroWeb X ADF – Anti-Money Laundering Software (*Promotion period until 31/12/2023)

Ingenique Solutions’ SentroWeb-DJ, backed by Dow Jones’ data, is the most complete customer due diligence and AML screening solution for Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism (AML/CTF) in Hong Kong.

Key Features:

✓ AML/CTF Screening Search 

✓ Customer Due Diligence

✓ Ongoing Monitoring

✓ Panama Paper Search

✓ Record Keeping and Reports

✓ Staff Training

In partnership with Accounting Development Foundation (ADF), Ingenique Solutions are pleased to offer a total of up to 18% special discounts on SentroWeb for ADF members, including:

i.Multi-Year Discount*
• 4% Discount for 2-Year Subscription
• 8% Discount for 3-Year Subscription

ii.Bulk Discount
• 3% Discount for 2 companies sign-up together
• 5% Discount for 3 companies sign-up together
• 7% Discount for 4 companies sign-up together
• 10% Discount for 5 companies sign-up together

*for SentroWeb-DJ Regular-1K package or above

Enquiry & Learn More:

Contact Ingenique Solutions:

T: +852 5808 4202








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