Webinar: The Future of Accounting: How ESG Innovation is Shaping the Industry
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The topics we will examine include:

1.    What is ESG?
2.    Why ESG is getting hot?
3.    Climate Neutrality
4.    Why SDG?
5.    ESG Rating
6.    ESG reporting
7.    Green Finance 
8.    Impact to Accountants
9.    Case study


Dr. Joseph Tsui, Talents Architect and Coach, Athena Leaders, Talent Development Academy

A dynamic Achiever with strong communication skills and innovative ideas.

A Talents Architect and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with an endeavor in talent development from kids to adults. A Certified ESG Planner CEP® of International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) passionate in building a greener earth.

He has extensive experience in management, sales and operations in local and global corporations. Works including power utility, railway, university and education group, financial institute, lighting and technology firm, management and training consulting group.

He is the Founding Chairman and CEO of charity body Earth Environmental Foundation (EEF), Academic Director of The International Institute of Management (IIM), Panel judge and mentor of different social enterprises of university and NGOs, and also mentor of different universities.

Mr. Andrew Tsang, Executive Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Coach, Athena Leaders, Talent Development Academy

Andrew is a Certified ESG Planner CEP® of International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD), a prominent business veteran, management consultant, corporate trainer and executive coach. In terms of corporate training and business consultancy as his latest endeavour, Andrew is specialized in ESG compliance, engineering leadership, digital marketing, communication, finance for the non-finance people, project management, strategic negotiation and sales effectiveness management. 

An MBA holder and an electronic engineer, Andrew has held several senior executive positions at such top tier global enterprises as Fujitsu China, Xerox China, Fuji Xerox Hong Kong, China Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett-Packard Hong Kong, GE Canada, Power Industry Canada and H&A Global Consulting.

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