Webinar: Hong Kong Data Privacy Update for Accountants
Event Code : 20210902


In this Webinar, Mr. Sacha Chiu will cover the following topics:

1. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”) and key definitions

2. PDPO’s six Data Protection Principles

3. Collection of personal data

4. Use and disclosure of personal data

5. Retention and security measures

6. Managing external data processors

7. Managing data breach incidents

8.Consequences of non-compliance with PDPO

9.PDPO’s recent developments (proposed legislation amendments)


Mr. Sacha Chiu, Manager, Risk Management, BDO Limited

Sacha has been working in the legal and compliance fields for around 10 years and he is experienced in handling data privacy matters. Prior to joining BDO, he worked at some private companies in legal and data protection related capacities which covered diverse business nature eg telecommunications, airlines, cinema & ticket sales platform and banking.

Apart from the commercial sector, he had also been working at the regulator, Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.

His experiences with regard to data privacy compliance cover the following areas: compliant handling and investigation, developing and reviewing internal guidelines and personal information collection statements, handling data access requests, data privacy risk assessment, data breach incidents monitoring & remedial action recommendations, and data privacy issues advisory.

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