Webinar: Financial reporting considerations brought about by Covid-19
Event Code : 20200616


In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are being stress-tested.  Likewise, preparers of financial statements will have to pause and re-think whether sound judgements are being made in financial reporting to comply with relevant standards.  In this seminar, the speaker will share insights gained during the past few months as well as reminders on what areas of financial reporting we might have to work through a new pair of lenses.   


Roy is partner and Head of the Transport sector at KPMG in Hong Kong.  He has extensive experience in providing assurance services and in advising clients on capital market transactions such as initial public offerings (IPOs), bond issues, and mergers and acquisitions.  He is the lead audit engagement partner for a number of sizeable listed companies in the transport, real estate and consumer market sectors.

Roy is a noted speaker on financial reporting, capital markets and corporate governance.  He currently serves as a member of Council of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as well as Chairman of the Institute’s Professional Conduct Committee, Deputy Chairman of its Registration and Practising Committee and member of its Professional Development Committee. He also serves in the Departmental Advisory Committee of the Department of Accountancy of the City University of Hong Kong and the Accounting Advisory Board of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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